I Love The Love

i_love_youYou definitely feel the so called love ?

Although only in love with her mother father sister aunt uncle grandma grandpa neighbor… eit .. eith.

Love makes the lovelorn , meaning what ?
I do not know ( liquor times)

Much love story peculiar :
I love , she is no – > problem ( I turn )
He is Love , I’m Not – > problem ( she turns )
He is Love , I love – > problem (equally can not sleep , then being turned right? )
He’s not in love , I will not love – > problem ( find out for yourself … )

It sometimes makes the heart happy love continues , But sometimes love makes us sad moan .

Sometimes making your own smiling, sometimes make tears dripping.

Actually how love is ..?

Do not have a girlfriend , turn.
Already have a boyfriend , turn
his girlfriend a lot , turn

continued easy it where ?
Turning the yoke of life continues .
Quick Turning behavior of hard drugs .

Want to get married , no one asked ,
Encouragemarriage , no one would like ,

will also be invited to the marriage just giddy. How not to rotate , that invites men per city .

Break the love , pain . disconnected love, pain also . love will never hurt constantly .

Her boyfriend way with others , dizziness, no way suppressed . Actually no intention of going out .. ! !

Love , oh … love ….
For the love bug hit again , share , express feelings here , hopefully it can be extracted from his experience to determine what is the best step to take.


I ask comments / sharing / opinions / suggestions / ideas all of you so .. can be sent with the write in the comments on each article.

Pls Read first  ..

Thanks you my love ..

I love the love | Make Your Love Makes You Happy

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